The Inner Science Institute addresses the needs of the time with educational solutions and resources for optimal living from the inner sciences of psychology and spirituality that are based on neuroscience.

We have a precious opportunity to make a natural shift from our limited view of the human nature to support our current evolution: the co-emergence of a more intimate experience of expansive awareness alongside increasingly more intense world events that effect social justice, environmental sustainability, and respectful honoring of spiritual and religious traditions.

We must remember that the point of our journey on this planet is to wake up and everything is orchestrated for our awakening.

When we lose this context, everything seems hopeless.

What do I mean by awakening? When we awaken, we have freedom from identifying with the limited, habitual self that creates and perpetuates suffering.

As we experience world events that challenge us, we have the opportunity to remind each other that we can use these experiences to awaken to our true nature – to go beyond our limited view of ourselves and the habits that reflect this perception. The psychological fluctuations of the mind and challenging political landscape often distract us from the reality of our true, limitless, and resilient Self. By becoming aware of our limitlessness, we free ourselves from unnecessary suffering and become increasingly more apt to navigate the difficulties in life.

This is not just some set of spiritual beliefs, it is grounded in both the inner experiences of saints and sages of ancient wisdom traditions as well as modern psychology supported by neuroscience. What we have come to recognize through neuroscience is what the ancient saints and sages discovered in their contemplations and meditations: the body/mind is wired for fight, flight, and freeze, and yet it is possible to be free from this reaction.

When we are not in immediate danger, the body/mind is conditioned to operate with survival as the primary motivation. In other words, we never relax. We never relax because we haven’t engaged in the next natural evolutionary step of shifting our identity to Awareness. We are still living in the physiological sense as if we are animals, rather than using the gift of Consciousness to lift out of this habitual defensiveness and fear.

In psychology, this scientific evidence is used to help people heal from trauma, but there are much more profound implications. We can move from post-traumatic stress disorder to post-traumatic growth to what you might call post-traumatic transcendence while in the body.

The saints and sages in various traditions were able to experience this transcendence through their explorations in consciousness and so can we.

We are literally wired for freedom.