Tamara Thebert is a psychospiritual educator who helps people commit to what inspires them to lead more meaningful, expansive, and happier lives.

For most of my life, I have been passionately exploring timeless wisdom from integral psychology and the world’s spiritual traditions to uncover the essence and meaning of existence because I have a burning desire to experience increasingly greater levels of freedom. What started as a desire to free myself from suffering evolved into a call for everyone to be free: initially as a progressive activist and then as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice.

Freedom, however, is beyond our current political and psychological ideas:

A natural shift from the professional conventions of political activism and psychotherapy that hold a very limited view of the human experience is necessary to support our current experience in evolution: the co-emergence of a more intimate experience of expansive awareness alongside increasingly more intense world events that effect social justice, environmental sustainability, and respectful honoring of spiritual and religious traditions.

I started the Inner Science Institute to address the needs of the time with educational solutions and resources for optimal living from the inner sciences of psychology and spirituality.

As we experience world events that challenge us, we have the opportunity to remind each other that we can use these experiences to awaken to our true nature – to go beyond our limited view of ourselves and the habits that reflect this perception.

I am particularly interested in supporting progressive social activists in creating and maintaining inner resilience while doing their important work in this challenging political landscape.

Those who are passionate about fighting for freedom in the world also have the priceless opportunity to discover ultimate freedom within themselves. As this inner freedom is unleashed, more energy is at your disposal to engage in activities from your most natural and resilient Self.

Tamara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies, with a minor in Art & Psychology from Knox College, a Master’s Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies, and a Certification in Depth Hypnosis (Spiritual Counseling emphasis) from The Foundation of the Sacred Stream. She has training and certificates in energy healing, integral yoga, shamanism, grief and bereavement, regression therapy, women’s spirituality, meditation, ecopsychology, permaculture, and Vedic astrology.

Tamara loves gardening, communing with nature, hiking, writing, watching inspirational videos, creating art, cooking, traveling, singing at the top of her lungs, meditating, and pushing her own edges to maximize the possibility of ultimate freedom in this lifetime.

In addition to her pursuits as an educator, Tamara is a licensed psychotherapist in Berkeley, CA, helping women make empowered choices that free themselves from habitual patterns that cause suffering.

If you are interested in psychotherapy, my website and contact information are here: